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Our story.

Brothers Helping is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Lorenzo Cesare and a group of motivated friends who share in Masonic values based on integrity, kindness, charity, honesty, and fairness.  We are a band of Brothers who uphold our organizations core values where we pool our resources to bring compassion to the community and help support those in need, vulnerable, and disadvantaged.

Lorenzo's vision was inspired by his father, Joseph Cesare, whom throughout his life Charity was something Joseph believed in and instilled in his sons.  Joseph was always looking to help others and those less fortunate.

In Joseph's memory Brothers Helping was established to continue his work, continue helping those that are struggling, continue to help those less fortunate..continue the legacy he instilled in his family and friends.

Every donation made to Brothers Helping will go directly to helping others.

Meet our Board of Directors

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